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Anxiety is a very normal human emotion that we get. Most people are going to experience this emotion at some point in their life. However, if you are a person that is having this fear all the time, then you could have an anxiety disorder, and that is not normal.

Generally acidity causes due to overheat in a body. Acidity is a common problem for every one nowadays, we have so many natural home remedies for acidity cures in natural. But only few people use this home remedy for acidity cures.

If a dog bites you should demand immediately from the dog owner proof of immunization, rabies is very dangerous and it can kill if not treated on time, if the dog is foaming from the mouth is a sign of rabies. If you don't know the owner of the dog, the animal should be catch in order to be tested for diseases.

Homeopathy(Home Remedies) Hangover : Take 2-3 table spoon of honey it will neutralize the alcohol effect. Drink plenty of water to dilute alcohol in your blood.

Stress - Causes, Symptome, Cures, Home Remedies(Homeopathy) - The way of life we are living today, stress no doubt is an obvious result. Today, everybody is running for something, without knowing what exactly it is, and whether it is right or wrong.



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