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Benefits of Listening Music

If music is the medicine of the soul, let it play on! Music is not just for entertainment, it has some strange healing ability. A good melody can be a good medicine that can relieve pain, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve mood, and cure insomnia. According to researchers from the Cleveland Clinic, listening to music for an hour a day can reduce pain by 20 percent. Music therapy generates harmony between your physical and mental. Check out this article to find the incredible effects of music on our health.

Stress reduction
Since stress is the cause of many illnesses, one can certainly reduce the risk of getting these diseases by listening to music that they like as often as possible. In a recent study conducted, which required subjects to listen to music twice a day for half-an-hour for two weeks, it was found that the stress and anxiety levels dropped significantly.

You can get into a concentration level and concentrate on certain chores. Upbeat music can boost up your mind and stimulate your brain cells to focus on the chore.

Brain booster
When one listens to music with strong beats, this will result in brainwaves resonating in sync with the beats of the music, thus giving one more concentration and alert thinking. On the other hand, classical music not only puts one in a calm meditative state but it also leaves one with a sense of well-being and satisfaction about themselves long after the music has been turned off.

Helps you put more effort into exercise
Listening to music while you exercise is often one of the best ways by which one can put a lot more effort into their workout. While some repetitive exercises can turn out to be boring, listening to music while you work out will help remove this boredom, thus helping to commit yourself to putting effort into your workout.

Sound sleep
Since music has a balancing effect on stress and anxiety, listening to music while going to bed can be very beneficial as it calms the mind, thus resulting in a good night’s sleep.

Acts as a painkiller
Not only can listening to music reduce depression, stress and anxiety but it can also relieve pain as well, as it causes endorphins to be released when one is listening to music that they enjoy everyday


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