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Home Remedies for Dog Bite - Causes, Symptoms & Cures

  • When an animal scratches or bites braking the skin, a number of problems can arise, the most important is infection cause by the animal's saliva. A dog bite may be a minor injury or a severe attack specially in children.
  • If a dog bites you should demand immediately from the dog owner proof of immunization, rabies is very dangerous and it can kill if not treated on time, if the dog is foaming from the mouth is a sign of rabies. If you don't know the owner of the dog, the animal should be catch in order to be tested for diseases.
  • There is also risk of tetanus in all puncture injuries. Never run from a dog it calls the animal's instincts to chase and bite.
Home Remedies for Dog Bite
  • Wash the dog bite thoroughly with warm water and soap for more then 5 minutes to remove the saliva rinse with cold water and place a gauze on it.
  • Take Vitamin C it helps fight infection.
  • Take vitamin B it helps to produce antibodies. (See below for the vitamin we recommend)
  • If the bite is big, see a doctor it may be necessary to be stitched.
  • Take Echinacea in tea form.
  • Goldenseal tea the first day is very good for dog bites. Do not use this if you are pregnant.
  • Goldenseal applied directly on the bite is helpful as a natural antibiotic.


Wilfredjosh said...

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Vacurect said...

Thanks for sharing the information how to cure after biting the dog . If your not take care about the dog bit . it may the cause of death.
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