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Food and Nutritions(5)

The fad diet craze has left us wandering through a land of nutritional confusion. While our bodies are armed with sophisticated palates that crave a variety of foods, these diets often restrict our food choices.

Health is the most precious of all possessions, so God has given us laws of nature to promote our well-being and happiness, and to do fitful service for Him.

The word “Reasonable” can mean sensible, moderate, or balanced. God expects us to use our knowledge to act wisely and not to be moved by fanaticism, haste, emotions, or fear.

include whole grains, kidney beans, fruits and vegetables. the carbohydrates digest slowly heals, helping him to feel satisfied by more time and with sugar maintenance in the blood and the stable insulin levels.

Pregnancy is a time when you may think about your nutrition more than before. In previous years, we've told women that they were eating for two.



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