A Way to Become Healthy

How to Get Start In Morning For Good Health

Health is the most precious of all possessions, so God has given us laws of nature to promote our well-being and happiness, and to do fitful service for Him.
God knows what foods are best for us. In His original plan, grains, fruits, and nuts were the diet He chose for us. He said “I have given you every herb yielding seed,… and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food.” After the curse of sin, humanity received permission to also also the “herb of the field”, or vegetables.

What and When to Eat
  • How, what, and when we eat are all of particular importance to God. One of the most terrible abuses of the stomach is eating irregularly and between meals because the stomach is a muscle organ that must have its regular periods for labor and rest.
  • It is a habit for most people to eat a very sparing breakfast and a large dinner later in the evening, not to mention snacks in between. The very opposite would be the most beneficial to people’s health.
  • Breakfast should be the heartiest meal of the day. It would not be logical to only fill your car with fuel at the end of a journey—it needs to be serviced and fueled at the beginning. The same goes for the human body.
  • At breakfast time the stomach is in a better condition to digest more food than at the second or third meal of the day because it is literally breaking an overnight fast.
  • Various scientific studies show conclusively that eating an adequate breakfast better sustains the body to do more work during the entire day with less tiredness and more energy, less fatigue and better mental attainments. 
  • So make breakfast your heartiest meal, supplying at least 1/3 of the day’s calories and nutrients. This may be done by eating whole grain cereals, healthy waffles, and breads; soy or nut milk products, nuts or nut butters and delicious fresh or dried fruits.
  • A hearty breakfast, taken early in the morning, can give you the energy for brain and muscle tissue required for the day. 
  • It will guard against the bad habit of snacking in between meals and will amply sustain mental and physical labor until the next meal, which should be at least five hours later. 
  • This will allow time for the stomach to perform its work completely and be in a condition to receive more food.
Remember, the old adage "breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper," is the best advice for a healthy daily routine of eating. We are to be workers together with God for the restoration of health to the body as well as to the soul.


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