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Health Tip: Spot The Symptoms Of Heart Attack

Women may not initially suspect that they're having a heart attack -- especially if they don't have the obvious chest pain.

The Womenshealth.gov website mentions these common symptoms of heart attack:
  • An uncomfortable feeling or pain in the chest.
  • Strange and uncomfortable sensations throughout the upper body.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Breaking out in a cold sweat.
  • Feeling unusually fatigued for no apparent reason.
  • Sudden feelings of dizziness or lightheadedness.
  • Feeling nauseated.
Getting a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease doesn't mean life as you know it is ending. People with Alzheimer's can lead a purposeful and productive life if they take steps to care for their physical and mental health, the Association says.

Here's what the association recommends to protect physical health:
  • Get regular physical checkups.
  • Take all medications as directed by a physician.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Be physically active every day.
  • Get rest when fatigued.
  • Limit alcohol intake.
Many early stages of infectious disease all have cold like symptoms, it is important to differentiate between them. According to clinical symptoms. season and body constitutions, in Chinese medicine, it can be further differentiated into wind cold. Wind heat. summer heat and dampness, and cold caused by qi deficiency. Pathogenic wind is the common element of all these types, but pathogenic wind is often accompanied by cold, heat, summer heat and dampness. Usually, in the fall and winter, there are more cases of wind cold, in the spring, more wind heat. andin the summer, there is more summer heat and dampness. As for patient with qi deficiency, common cold can occur all throughout the year affected by pathogenic wind.


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