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Calories in Chocolate

There are plenty of calories in dark chocolate, just as there are in other forms of chocolate. No chocolate can really be considered low calorie, but it is possible to find lower calorie formulations such as lower calorie packaging (smaller sizes). We all must recognize that dark chocolate is high calorie, so we must eat it in moderation.

So how do the calories in dark chocolate actually compare with the calories in milk chocolate or white chocolate? Since there are so many manufacturers, producing so many different chocolate products, it's just not possible to assign a calorie value to dark, milk, and white chocolate.

Chocolate is high on many peoples most loved food list, yet chocolate can lead to one being overweight. You need to be aware of the total calories and fat content of chocolate.
A regular block of chocolate contains almost an entire days calorie allowance and frighteningly, almost 4 times the daily fat allowance.
If you are watching your waist line, chocolate is great when eaten in moderation.

Type AmountCaloriesFat
Milk Chocolate 1 square 5g 271.5
Milk Chocolate 1 row 25g 1327.5
Milk Chocolate 2 rows 50g 26515
Milk Chocolate 250g block 132075
Dark Chocolate 1 square 5g 1051.5
Dark Chocolate 1 row 25g 5337.5
Dark Chocolate 2 rows 50g 107115
Dark Chocolate 250g block 535575
White Chocolate 50g Bar 28017
White Chocolate 200g block 112068
Filled Boxes Average 1 piece 553
Filled Boxes Average 250g block 120058
After Dinner Mints 1 mint 351
Choc Coated Raisins 30g block 1204.5
Peanuts - Almonds 30g 16012
Peanuts - Almonds 100g block 53040
Liqueur Fill (cherries) 1 Piece 502
Cooking Chocolate 100g block 50030
Carob 30g 1559
Carob 100g block 52030
Choc Easter Eggs 30g 1609
Choc Easter Eggs 100g block 55030
Choc Easter Eggs 200g block 106060
Choc Rabbit 108g block 42554
Hard candy eggs 100g block 3700
Choc Bars (average) 50g block 27017

Please note: 
  • Chocolate bars are too various to list each individual bar. The average calories shown in the table covers varieties such as Snickers, Picnic, Mars Bar, Time Out, Milky Bar, Kit Kat and packs of Beanies or Smarties.
  • It is not how many calories does chocolate contain that is usually the problem. It is how many pieces of chocolate that one consumes in a sitting.
  • Chocolate is actually good for you and contains lots of good minerals and vitamins. It is said that one piece of dark chocolate and a glass of red wine is good medicine. Just remember to count those calories when you take your medicine.
  • Be wise. Eat chocolate in small amounts. Spoil yourself and have just one piece each night. You will be both happier and healthier.


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