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Advices which you should ignore while dating

Please find below some of the advices which you should ignore while dating.

Wait for Mr. Right
 If that's the advice you buy into, then be ready to keep waiting. By the time a woman hits her third decade, she has had enough time to get to know herself, what she is looking for and how to identify red flags. What's the difference between settling and compromising? When it comes to marriage, what can we live with, and what can we live without? How long does it make sense to hold out for someone better -who we may never find, and who may not exist -when we could be happy with the person right in front of us? It's okay if you don't find Mr Right (it's a myth, by the way), go for Mr Okay (if he loves and treats you with respect, that is).

Never accept last minute date's
It's Wednesday afternoon. You have no mid-week plans yet (except maybe a yoga class). And the guy you just started dating calls. He was given passes to a private show of a movie you really want to watch. But it starts in three hours. Do you really want him to know you had no plans?
Won't it seem desperate to accept a last-minute offer? The idea that a woman shouldn't accept a last minute date offer is outdated. While you shouldn't be always-available to get tossed into the `sure-thing standby' category, there's nothing wrong with accepting a same-day invitation from someone you are interested in seeing. You don't want to give the impression that you're not keen.

Wait until third date to have sex
Advice such as don't wax your legs so you don't let things get too far is another way of saying, don't have sex too soon. This is the same logic that generally goes together with `you shouldn't have sex until the third date'. But, now, hang on: What if you do let it go “too far“ sooner than that? Don't get too caught up in those calculations. Instead, wait until you trust him/her. And indulge in intercourse, only if it is mutual.
Don't give in to pressure. If he/she is good at heart, they'll respect your decision.

Eat less when you are with him
You don't want to look like a greedy glut by ordering every third dish on the menu, do you? While that would be weird to watch, you don't just want to settle for a bowl of leaves either to show him what a light eater you are. Get over your hang up. A woman should order whatever she wants. In case he is paying, you may want to stay within a price range to be polite.

No spark, no second date
Love at first sight usually fizzles after the initial fire cracker. You need to be patient and let it evolve if you want it to last. So it is always worth going on a second date. There are too many factors standing in the way of seeing clearly when we first meet someone, making it hard to be objective. Everyone has ghosts in their closet, so we tend to stereotype and have the tendency to stop a relationship with potential before it starts.

Maintain some mystery 
Trying to be mysterious instead of true to yourself means your partner is getting to know someone you're not. While narrating your life story on the first date isn't a great idea, waiting to reveal some less than flattering details after the relationship is somewhat solidified isn't being dishonest either. Be natural and honest.


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