A Way to Become Healthy

What to cut and what to keep in daily food to stay fit

Simple tricks that can cut out as many as 250 calories from your daily intake, without taking out the fun from eating. Try following ways

  • So you may not be having a whole plate of aloo tikkis or that full plate of cheese corn balls, but eating a bite or two from your friend’s plate doesn’t hurt the tummy, right? Wrong. 
  • In fact, you consume fewer calories when you eat a healthy meal all by yourself, than eating a little bit of this and that. 
  • Most people don’t tend to savour a chocolate pastry by themselves, but nibble from a friend’s and then scoop a few rounds of cheesecake from another, before sharing half a cup of ice cream with someone else. 
  • By now, they’ve already consumed 500 calories. It is best to avoid such unfocused sampling. 
  • Here’s smart cooking tip. Instead of sautéing your veggies in oil, do it in broth. 
  • Although you may not be frying them, you are still adding enough oil to make sure that your vegetables are not sticking to the pan. 
  • Vegetable or chicken broths are the healthiest and stacked with vitamins. 
  • By this way, you are getting added nourishment, and cutting down unnecessary calorie intake. 
  • So, the packets may claim that they are fortified with a host of vitamins, are high in fibre, contain zero transfat, and no cholesterol, but there’s no denying that the dry fruits mixed with sugar-laden wheat/rolled oats are high in calories. 
  • Mixed with whole milk, you have just compounded the calorie intake. 
  • A smart move is to stick to a small bowl, if you don’t wish to avoid the combination that’ll add 250 calories to your waist. 
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to stand. Be it in the train, at work or at social meetings, always choose to stand than sit, unless you’re wearing dangerously high heels. 
  • It’s learnt that standing for 90 minutes a day helps burn at least 250 calories. 
  • When on the phone, try and walk around while speaking. 
  • Walking three times a day for 15 minutes is also enough to burn 250 calories without breaking into a major sweat. 
  1. Planning to grab a bite at your favourite restaurant? Nutritionists say a smart move is to call for two appetisers and not one main. 
  2. If you’re going for the usual Mughlai fare, go for a plate of paneer or chicken tikka, and a plate of vegetable kebabs, instead of a gravy dish. 
  3. This will ensure you’re consuming a good amount of protein and staying away from the calories in the gravy. 
  • Dieticians say the popcorn available at the movie halls is the worst culprit when it comes to adding unwarranted weight. 
  • Doused in heaps of butter, the popped corn is the calorie craver’s worst friend. 
  • Worst of the lot is the caramel and cheese variety. You’re better off buying the popcorn off the street. 
  • Prepared on coal, it is the safest and healthiest. 
  • Are you ordering a plate full of mashed potatoes as your side order? The starchy food although rich in Vitamin C and potassium is very high in calories. 
  • You are better off replacing potato sabzi with a bowl of cauliflower cooked with the same masalas. You’ll save yourself at least 300 calories. 
  • Apart from drinking three to four litres of water a day, make it a habit to use it as a substitute for every caffeine dose you crave. 
  • Post your morning share of chai/coffee, eliminate sweet tea post lunch (approximately 70 calories), lemonade in the evenings (90 calories) and a glass of wine with dinner (140 calories), and replace all of these with water.


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