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Top 5 Things Your Girlfriend Does to Annoy You

It’s not like you need for me to remind you of all the things that your girl, wife or even the person you are “courting” can do to annoy you because if you don’t know it will eventually come out.  Eventually just seeing them on certain days can annoy you.  But we are not going to get into that.

I had to limit it to five because I don’t want to write a whole book, and believe me I’m sure most of you can too.  Some of these things may seem so simple but that's because my hope is that these are things can be recognize and hopefully put a stop it before it messes up the relationship.  If your spouse annoys you with bigger things than this then you need some counseling. This is not in no particular order but feel free to put whatever you feel is most annoying on top of your own personal list.

  • This goes without saying, because the definition of nagging is annoying.  But to be technical it is consistently annoying a person with continuous urging.  
  • Even when you ask Google to define and give a sentence about nagging; the first sentence is “she constantly nags her daughter about getting married.”  I am not saying that only girls nag but if a guy nags it’s called something else.
Boring your man by spending too much time shopping
  • Ok ladies, I will say this one time and please remember, we actually don’t like going to your part of the clothing department, and if we do go we don’t like spending no more than 10 minutes tops.  
  • Now, unless you are picking out some lingerie you are going to wear for us later on tonight we actually don’t care.  
  • Even when it comes to the lingerie all we are going to do is take it off anyway.  Have an idea what you are getting so we won’t spend too much time over there or we just going to split when we get to the mall.
Asking your man to tell you how you look all the time
  • Why ask us a question that we would lie about eventually, unless it is going to directly affect us.  for example, if we are going to a high school reunion then you better believe that we would care what you are wearing. 
  • But, if you look good in what have on, you don’t have to ask your man how you look.  He will tell you!!!!
Showing excessive fear when watching a horror film
  • This is cute only of the first or maybe second date, after that it becomes annoying.  
  • How many times are we going to remind you that this is not real?  Sheesh!  Now once again ladies, if your man is the one that does this then it’s time to pay a closer look at your relationship.
Taking too long to get ready to leave the house
  • How many times do we have to be late because you want to make sure everything is right at the last minute?  
  • We don’t have a problem with you putting on make-up and looking good for us. 
  • Keep that up.  But can you make sure you calculate the time it will take for you to look good so that we won’t have to constantly walk in late or rush to get there on time?
Like I said before, these are just simply things that annoy you so if it didn’t apply to you then enjoy your “Perfect Relationship” but those that relate, it's time to work on it.


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