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10 Reasons to do exercise in pregnancy : Benefits for exercise during pregnacy

  • Helps decrease fatigue, even in the first trimester. This is also true of insomnia.
  • Can help women have a shorter labor. This is particularly true if you use movement in labor by changing positions.
  • Has been shown to help women lose pregnancy weight faster.
  • Helps with endurance during pregnancy and labor. We know labor is a marathon - so train for it!
  • Decreases aches and pains associated with pregnancy.
  • Can help reduce likelihood of tearing or severe trauma from episiotomy.
  • Can reduce the number of cesareans that are necessary.
  • It's fun and feels great!
  • Leads to a faster postpartum recovery. Add breastfeeding to kick start the weight loss of postpartum.
  • It's a habit that once started will lead to a lifetime of good fitness.


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