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Why Newlyweds Need a Vacation

Anything that is intended to last a lifetime can get boring, even marriage. The passion between couples ebbs and flows and rarely is as strong as it was in the heady first days of a relationship. Newlyweds tend to learn this rather quickly after the wedding. But a vacation can help put the spark back in your marriage. Here’s why newlyweds need romantic getaways, even after the honeymoon:

Vacations give you the chance to focus on each other, uninterrupted

  • Like your engagement and wedding, a vacation is just about the two of you. You leave work and everyday responsibilities, like taking out the trash, at home. 
  • The only job you have is to spend time with your spouse. Your to-do list often includes talking to one another, kissing, and doing things you enjoy together like hiking, laying on the beach, or site seeing. Those are items that are easy to check off.
You can recharge your batteries
  • One of the reasons marriages can get mundane is because each spouse has a slew of other responsibilities – from career to household chores – that stress them out and distract them. 
  • Vacations give people the opportunity to unwind, rest, and relax. Relaxed people get along better with the world. They don’t get bent out of shape for every little mishap or challenge. Their heart is more open to love.
There’s no denying that vacations often lead to great sex and intimacy
  • When people are relaxed and well rested, they have more energy and desire to devote to sex. They also usually are more willing to let go of inhibitions and have a little fun. 
  • Getting close physically leads to greater intimacy. 
  • Therefore, vacations can also lead to deep conversations about important issues. 
  • You’ll open up to one another. It can lead to you getting to know each other on a more profound level. That can help you get closer.
A change of scenery can be exciting
  • Married couples see each other daily – but always in the same places. On vacation, you see each other in a whole new light literally and figuratively. 
  • Being on a beautiful island, atop a mountain peak, in an old city, or just about anywhere other than the usual can give you a whole new perspective on the world. 
  • Experiencing different places and cultures will give you something about which to talk. It will open you up to new possibilities. Shared experiences will help you bond and build memories.
Getting away helps you appreciate the life you left behind
  • No matter how much you love this new place or how exciting it is, it will likely also give you a new appreciation for the home you created together. 
  • Undoubtedly, you will miss the little things – from your favorite pillow to the couch you picked together. Feeling a little homesick is a good thing for couples. 
  • If you enjoy your home and miss it when you’re gone, you’re likely to retreat to it – and be happy nesting together!


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