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Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening - Causes, Symptoms & Cures

Teeth whitening or bleaching the teeth has now become a beauty appeal. Getting the sparkling teeth and smile on your face is very easy now. Tooth bleaching or whitening is a treatment for getting stain-free teeth, and steps for teeth whitening aims at removing plaques, stain from teeth (caused due to improper care, wrong eating and drinking practices) using various treatments.

Causes for Teeth Whitening
  • Excess coffee, beverages, tobacco, and tea make your teeth yellow.
  • Poor brushing of teeth causes decay and yellowing of teeth.
  • Infections, hereditary reason, climate condition, and high dosage of antibiotics lead to discoloring of teeth.
  • Emotional shock and any physical damage also cause teeth yellowing.
  • Old age and improper metabolism of the body also contribute to discoloring of teeth.
Symptoms for Teeth Whitening
  • Teeth with gray, brown, black and yellow stains are generally observed which looks ugly.
  • White strips present in the teeth caused because of the high fluorine content (common source is drinking water).
  • All this symptoms indicates problem in the teeth and need a proper teeth whitening treatment to keep your teeth white, bacteria free and free from plaque.
Home Remedies for Teeth Whitening
There are various chemical-based teeth whitening product available today, but they are not effective for teeth whitening and result in the damage of teeth in the long run so try the natural home available product and see the difference. Their can be little irritation in the gums in some cases, but it will not harm your mouth and teeth. You will feel satisfied with its result and it will come in your budget .
  • Mixture of baking soda (half tablespoon), vinegar (half teaspoon), and pinch of table salt is effective for removing teeth stains and to keep your teeth white and bacteria free. This is one of the best home remedies for teeth whitening.
  • Homemade natural teeth whitening powder of basal (tulsi) leaves and the dried rind of orange---Take dry 15-20 tulsi leaves and dry rinds of one orange, mix them well and use this as tooth cleaner.
  • Take a half tablespoon baking soda and mix one-two drops of hydrogen peroxide in it. You can use this homemade teeth whitener for couple of days in a week. This teeth whitening paste will remove stain from your teeth. Their can be little irritation in the gums in some cases, but it will not harm your mouth and teeth. This is one of the important home remedies for teeth whitening.
  • Mixture of baking soda and home used iodine rich salt is also used as a natural teeth cleanser. Take baking soda one teaspoon, mix a pinch of salt in it and use this natural homemade teeth whitener. This is an effective home treatment for teeth whitening.
  • Crushed walnut act as a natural cleaner for teeth and prevents teeth yellowing, and keep your teeth white and bacteria free.
  • Take two-three strawberries grind it and make it into small pieces. Use this as a teeth whitening paste. This is one of the important home remedies for teeth whitening.
  • The Rind of orange fruit which has teeth whitening properties is also used for teeth whitening. Rub the inner portion of the rind of orange and see its effective result in one week.
  • Brushing the stained teeth using sage (salvia) leaves makes the teeth sparkly white. Sage leaves (salvia) are also used in various medicines for relieving Teeth Whitening problem, sweating problem, and many others. One of the useful home remedies for teeth whitening.

Dos and don’t

  • Do not eat food items having excessive table salt content.
  • Avoid tea, coffee, and heavy physical activities during pregnancy as it reduces the swelling of feet and ankles.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol during pregnancy.
  • Beautiful teeth bring confidence in your smile so take good care of it. You should be careful while going for any teeth whitening remedies. Your teeth are rich in calcium minerals any harm made to the teeth means a great loss.
  • Eat guava, carrot, apple, sugarcane, sprouts, and cucumber fruits to prevent yellowing of teeth.
  • Eat green and fibrous vegetables to keep your teeth white and bacteria free.
  • Eat strawberries and fruit salads as they keep the teeth white.
  • Proper brushing with good brush in the morning and at bed time is a must for maintaining teeth and preventing it from discoloring or yellowing.
  • Avoid alcohol and hard drinks to keep your teeth white and bacteria free.


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Mix lemon juice and salt into a paste and brush before bed.

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