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How You Can Be Romantic Everyday - Tips for increase love and affection in married life

You can be romantic everyday. Romance does not have to die when you say, "I do." One of the biggest mistakes married people make is taking each other for granted and failing to continue to court one another. As a newlywed, you can set the standard for your marriage by infusing romance into ordinary moments.

Here’s how you can be romantic everyday:

Seal your greetings with a kiss
  • Grab your partner and give him or her a passionate movie kiss every chance you get. You could even re-enact famous kissing scenes from your favorite movies. 
  • Consider the upside kiss from Spider Man or the passionate lip lock between Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock at the end of Speed.
Write love letters to one another
  • A post-it note pasted to the bathroom mirror with the words, “You are my morning sunshine” or a sexy text message expressing what you’d like to do to your new spouse when you get home from work are always appreciated. 
  • They help the person feel loved, and they inspire anticipation of your return.
Anticipate your spouse’s needs
  • Nobody’s asking you to be a mind reader. But if you know your spouse hates to take out the garbage, then do it for him or her every once in a while. 
  • If you know your spouse is stressed out because of work, run a bath for him or her at the end of the work day. 
  • You’ll get brownie points for your thoughtfulness, and your spouse will likely return the favor by anticipating your needs in the future.
Surprise your spouse for no reason
  • Gifts, such as flowers or theater tickets, do not have to be reserved for holidays and birthdays or anniversaries. 
  • Your partner will be much more impressed if you do something like this on any old Monday.
  • That will show him or her that you do these sorts of things simply because you’re thinking of him or her and not out of obligation. 
  • However, this is not a get out of birthday or anniversary card. You still have to remember your spouse on traditional holidays and occasions, too.
Go wild
  • Do something you would not normally do (within reason, of course). Greet your spouse at the door naked. Sing a love song to him or her at the karaoke bar. 
  • Schedule a hot air balloon ride for the two of you. Such an unprecedented, grand gesture shows you’re crazy in love and willing to do almost anything to prove it. 
  • Of course, bankrupting yourself or doing something dangerous are not appropriate ways to show your love. Be reasonable when deciding how wild you should get. Then, go for it!
Leave traces of yourself when you’re gone
  • When the two of you can’t be together either because it’s a work day or one of you has to go away on business, hide something that symbolizes your relationship in your spouse’s briefcase, lunch bag, or suitcase. 
  • An inside joke and a smiley face written on a piece of paper , a key with the note, “You have the key to my heart,” or a lollipop with the note, “I’m sweet on you” are all good examples. 
  • You could also spray your perfume on your partner’s pillowcase. Or, if you’ll be gone for an extended period, send a video e-card. Oh, the wonders you can perform with a webcam!


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