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How to Deal with Stress Together - Quick Stress Relief Tips

Newlyweds – and married couples in general – face lots of stress. You have to find ways to deal with stress and release some of that tension. Or else your health could decline, you could get cranky, and you’ll start to get on each other’s nerves. While reading a book or going to the spa on your own can help you relax, you can also make de-stressing a couple’s activity, at least once in a while.

6 Ways to Deal with Stress Together

Go on a date
  • Getting out of the house, dressing up or down depending on your preference, and doing something fun together can really help you rid of stress. 
  • It distracts you and puts the focus on the love you have for one another. Do things on your date that you both enjoy. 
  • Pick something low key or that you find comforting. Look into each other’s eyes, kiss deeply, and never think about all the stuff that’s stress you out.
Cook together
  • Of course, cooking together is only a good idea if you enjoy it. If cooking brings on more stress for you, then order take out. 
  • But if you like to cook, you and your spouse could whip up a delicious meal together. Take out all your aggression on the veggies you chop.
  • And set the table nicely, light a few candles, and make it romantic. No dinner conversation about the stress you are facing.
Take a vacation
  • A getaway – even if but for a weekend – can do wonders for the body and mind. It can also be a great pick-me-up for a marriage. 
  • Going on vacation together – from a Caribbean beach to a nearby bed and breakfast – brings you to another setting and takes you away from work and everyday responsibilities. 
  • It’s a chance to unwind and recharge your batteries far away from your usual life. 
  • Going with your spouse on vacation can be romantic and exciting, especially if you go somewhere neither one of you has ever been.
Give each other massages
  • Those knots in your back need to go. Releasing the tension you hold in your muscles can go a long way at helping you get rid of stress. 
  • Going to a professional spa for a massage is nice. But having your spouse massage you is a true treat. The bonus? It could lead to other fun activities that help reduce stress and all that touching helps build intimacy.
Take a bath together
  • Frankly, any romantic gesture could help relieve stress. After all, romance distracts you from the things that are bothering you, and it is a reminder that there’s someone who cares and who has made you his or her priority. 
  • For extra relaxation, you and your spouse can soak in a warm bath together. Use bath salts, light candles, and cuddle up in the tub. If you do it right, you’ll forget all about whatever it was that was stressing you out.
Have sex
  • The most obvious way for couples to kick stress’ butt is to have sex. It’s a great reliever of tension. It’s romantic, fun, intimate, and it feels oh so good. 
  • Talk about forgetting what is stressing you out! A good orgasm could wipe out stress, at least for a few hours, and having you feel loved and fulfilled.


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