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7 Types of food that burns fat

You know already if we eat more calories than our body can burn we gain weight. It’s true that certain foods will boost your metabolism but only if you eat them as a part of a effective diet and weight loss program.

Foods Burns Fat

Apples : Do you remember the old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Well not only a doctor but also the extra pounds as well. Apples contain the highest percentage of pectin, this is a soluble fiber.

Garlic : Garlic is one of the most effective fat burning foods.It contains the compound allicin which has anti bacterial effects and helps reduce cholesterol and unhealthy fats.

Tomatoes : Tomatoes is very effective to add on your diet. Not only are they good in your battle against overweight but they are also an excellent prevention against cancers and high blood pressure.

Carrots : Adding a carrot to the beginning of every meal is a very effective way to lose weight. Why do you ask? The carrot leaves no room in the stomach for the dessert. When using this trick you should been able to lose about a pound in one week.

Oranges : Oranges are rich in Vitamin C and they have fat burning properties. Compared with exercises they are an effective way to lose fat.

Mangoes : Mangoes are full packed with fiber and are low in calories.

Spinach : Popeye gets his strength by eaten spinach and yes they are very healthy. Spinach contains a lot of iron; it is an exceptional nutrition food and is a good prevention against cancer.


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