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10 Things To Do When You Always Feel Tired

All the suggestions, tips mentioned will come from with a thorough research or what I have personally experienced. Why do we always feed tired, or why is our brain always foggy. What’s the reason for us to not think straight, and what do we do about it. These are all the questions that go round and round in our mind.

 Tips When You Always Feel Tired
  • Oxygen is the thee most vital thing in having a brain get foggy or being tired all the time. The air we breathe is filled with sprays, smoke and what not. It’s the fresh air we need to get our body function. A good 20 to 40 minutes walk around some trees early in the morning is going to do the trick.
  • One of the other most important and major reason of being tired/lethargic or having a foggy brain is being de-hydrated. Yes, a slight decrease in the intake or water than the normal makes you very tired. Water is the key ingredient that makes our body run smoothly and efficiently.
  • Minerals. Yes they are very important for a body to complete its normal functions. Since we do not eat with is rich with minerals itself. We have to make sure that we complete our dose of minerals regularly. Minerals like Magnesium, Salt and Zinc are very important for our body.
  • Vitamins are the next most important thing for us. They complete the cycle along with the minerals. minerals such as Vitamin C, B, A are good for the daily functions or the body.
  • Proteins come next in line. They are essential as well for the daily functions of the body. Proteins come in all form like eggs, cereals and meat.
  • Having a well balanced sleep is very important. 6-8 hours are usually enough for the body to rest and regain it’s energy.
  • It’s not possible to stay away from the daily grind of life, but it is possible to not beat your self for hours on it. Try to take a breather is you are having a difficult time at work/school or any other place. This will help you function better and will not try out your body.
  • Direct all your negative energies at the end of the day to some where positive. Play a hardcore game of tennis, or swim a few laps. These two activities are bound to help you relax and stay calm even when you are at the verge of explosion.
  • Try teaching yourself patience every now and then. Telling yourself to be calm and relaxed no matter what the problem will eventually help you learn. No matter what the problem or situation you will have your head straight and you would know what to do.
  • Lastly, start applying all these with yourself practically. Putting them off would only lead to having more mood swings, being tired all the time. Having less energy to work with or on something. Try and maintain a daily agenda of practicing. I’m sure once you start, you will notice the difference within a week.


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