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10 Romantic Ideas - Tips for Spice Up Your Busy Marriage Life

Coming up with romantic ideas can be a challenge for some couples. After all, it's hard to come up with new ideas year after year, and it's easy to fall into a rut, especially after you've been together for a while. For newlyweds, however, making a habit of incorporating romantic ideas into your everyday life can help you set a standard for life. Why do you need romantic ideas? You need them, so that you continuously refresh your relationship, prove you're not taking your spouse for granted, and build on passion. Frankly, romantic ideas keep things from getting stale and boring.

Here are 10 romantic ideas:

Flirt with Your Sweetie
  • Being married doesn't mean you're dead, nor does it mean that you have to stop being hot for one another. 
  • While it can be difficult to flirt with someone after you've watched him urinate or seen her deliver a baby, you should try to suspend reality for a bit and make like you're still dating. 
  • Teach yourself how to flirt again and have fun with one another.
Share Love Poems
  • Whether you write a love poem yourself or read aloud one of the classics, you and your spouse will be inspired by the beautiful language used to express love and sexual desire. 
  • If you're a bit shy, you could also send the poem by way of letter or even text message. The point of a love poem is to find the exact right words to share your feelings with your beloved and to put them together in a creative way. 
  • On paper or out loud, a love poem will always help you score points. 
Write a Love Letter
  • If poetry is not your thing, you can always write a traditional love letter. You just put pen to paper and start spilling your feelings onto the page. 
  • Answer questions, such as, "How does your spouse make you feel? What do you think about when your spouse walks into a room? What are his or her best qualities? Why did you choose to marry this person?" Sometimes, we think our spouses know what we think of them. But, often, we never tell them. 
  • Frankly, even if we have shared our true feelings in the past, reminders on pretty stationary are always welcome.
Sing a Love Song
  • Singing a love song, performing one for each other during karaoke night at the local pub, or making like Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) in Say Anything with a boom box over your head blasting a favorite song always is a hit, especially with the ladies. 
  • Find your song or write one of your own and share it with your love. Be old-fashioned and throw pebbles at the window to get his or her attention. 
  • And then perform on the lawn for the world to see, too. It's the "shout it from the rooftops" moment that most people only dream about happening to them.
Give the Gift of Lingerie
  • Surprising your spouse with something sexy you'd like to see them in can be a big turn on. 
  • For starters, it tells your spouse that you still have sexual feelings for them. Essentially, they can be certain they've still got it. 
  • And it can also inspire him or her to make mad, passionate love to you. Think silky boxers for him and anything in lace or satin for her - and you are all ready to go.
Get into Sexting
  • When looking for a night of wild sex with your spouse, you should be sure to clue in him or her. That doesn't mean just demanding sex or even just telling him or her. 
  • Instead, you should build up to the actual act. Step one could be sexting your spouse or sending him or her text messages all about the things you hope to do later on when you're together. 
  • From the romantic to the raunchy, you'll know how to write the perfect sexts for you and your spouse. The give and take will probably get you all worked up for what is to come.
Kiss with Movie Passion
  • Pick a favorite romantic movie and try to re-enact the kiss from it. From Spider-Man's upside down kiss to the one in Casablanca, you have many options. 
  • Just choose one that is possible for you to do and would be meaningful to your spouse. If all else fails just give a kiss like you never have before - replete with dip, butt grab, whatever it takes to turn you both on. Your goal is to send the message that you are in love and you mean business.
Massage Each Other
  • Physical intimacy is heightened when you're relaxed and playfully touching one another. 
  • Investing in some decent massage oils - with a scent you both like - and rubbing each other down is one form of foreplay you'll both enjoy. 
  • Be sure to get naked, light some candles, and put on some relaxing, soothing music. Then, massage each other from head to toe if you'd like.
Bust Out of Your Sex Routine
  • Let's face it. Married couples tend to have a routine when it comes to sex. Once you get into a sex rut, it's hard to get out of it. Every once in a while, you should change things up a bit. 
  • Whether you dress up in sexy outfits to role play, try new positions, or do it someplace unusual, you have to constantly make sex together new.
Set the Stage with Flowers
  • Flowers or even just rose petals can set the right tone for a romantic evening. Whether you have a dozen red roses delivered to your wife's office or simply put a bouquet of wildflowers at the center of the dinner table, you are sending the message that you care. 
  • A single red rose on date night or rose petals covering your bed can be just as sweet. Flowers usually reap rewards.


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