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Home Remedies for Itching - Causes, Symptoms & Cures

Itching can be best explained as a peculiar tingling or uneasy irritation of the skin that creates a desire to scratch the affected area. Itching is an ordinary problem faced by many people at some or the other point in life. Itching could be the result of a number of reasons such as allergies (to food, plants or pets), insect bites, stings, skin disease or even poor hygiene. Itching can be irritating as the skin is irritated and gives you the constant require to scratch the affected area.

Causes of Itching

  • Dry Skin is ordinary cause of itching.
  • contact with chemicals.
  • Itching can also be caused by sunburn
  • Itching can be the effect of an allergic reaction to certain foods, plants or pets.
  • Dry skin is a general cause for itching. This is typically seen in older people as aging skin is often dehydrated.
  • Cold weather, overexposure to water and hot baths naturally cause itching.
  • An unfavorable medicine could cause itching as a reaction.
  • Itching can happen during the later part of pregnancy due to the stretching of the skin particularly on the lower abdomen area.

Tips for Avoid Itching

  • Avoid using soap when washing, instead use fragrant free cream bars or aqueous cream
  • Avoid exposure to heat and humidity – keep as cool as possible because heat increases itching
  • Apply moisturizer or calamine lotion to the skin while it is damp
  • Cut your nails short to avoid scratching
  • Take warm baths or showers, avoid hot water
  • Wash clothing with a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly with an un-perfumed fabric softener
  • Avoid synthetic or wool fabrics, wear cotton or silk clothing

    Home Remedies for Itching

    • Drinking one tablespoon of hot pure Ghee in one go, empty stomach in the morning, for few days to cure itching problem. Ghee should be hot enough but bearable.
    • Boil neem leaves in sufficient water for 10-15 minutes. Taking bath with this water helps in curing many skin diseases including Itching.
    • Boil some Coriander (Dhania) seeds in water and add Sugar and filter. Drinking this decoction helps to reduce Pitt and Itching.
    • Drinking few drops of Neem juice or applying Neem oil on the affected area helps to cure Itching.
    • Basil (Tulsi) juice mixed with Lemon juice applied on the affected area helps to cure Itching.
    • Nix two spoons of Coconut oil with one spoon to Tomato juice, this oil can be applied on the body before taking bath (with warm water ) reduces Itching.
    • Coconut oil mixed with small quantity of Lemon juice, applied on the affected area helps to reduce Itching.
    • Mix around 10 grams or camphor (Karpoor) mixed with 100 grams of Coconut oil. This oil applied on the body reduces Itching.
    • Drink milk mixed with grinded Carom (Ajwain) leaves and Sugar, which helps to cure Itching.


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