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Calories in Fish

Fish are great when served with fresh vegetables, a small side of potato gratin, or even a salad. The table reveals the number of calories in fish per 100 grams (3.5 oz). It is difficult to accurately show the calorie content per fish portion as size differs between individuals and products, therefore the values are displayed for comparison purposes.

Fish help Weight Loss
If you want to reduce weight, white fish or oily fish is a great food option for a healthy weight loss diet, as it has a low calorie-content. In general, calorie-controlled diets recommend a high intake of fish. In addition to energy content, dietary nutrition is also important, as a nutritious diet helps the body to burn calories faster and maintains a healthy metabolism. So as well as calorie-counting, check food labels for nutritional value. Nutritional and energy values provided on most of the above food pages include: vitamins, minerals, folate and dietary fiber, as well as protein and carbs.

Fish is an excellent food, especially if you are watching your weight and health.
  • Generally the calories in fish are on the low side
  • Fish is a great source of protein
  • Fish contains lots of vitamins and minerals
  • Fish is low in saturated fat
  • Fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids
Calories in Fishs
Alaska King crab, 1 leg 129
Alaska King crab, steamed, 4 oz. 109
Blue crab, steamed, 1 cup or 4.8 oz. 138
Catfish, fried, 4 oz. fillet 259
Catfish, raw, 4 oz. 132
Clams, canned, 1 can 112
Crab cakes, 1 2 oz. cake 93
Crab meat, canned, 1 cup or 4.8 oz. 133
Crab, deviled, 1 cup 451
Crab, deviled, frozen, Mrs. Paul's--1 cake 170
Crayfish, steamed, 4 oz. 129
Croaker, fried, 4 oz. 251
Croaker, raw, 4 oz. 119
Dolphinfish, raw, 4 oz. 97
Eel, baked, 4 oz. 267
Fish sticks, Mrs. Paul's, 4 sticks 200
Fish, breaded and fried, 3 1/2 oz. 250
Fish, raw, broiled, poached, 3 1/2 oz. 140
Flounder, baked, 4 oz. 132
Flounder, fried, 2 fillets, Mrs. Paul's 270
Halibut, broiled, 4 oz. 194
Mackerel, Atlantic, baked, 4 oz. 297
Mackerel, Spanish, baked, 4 oz. 179
Oysters, canned, 1 cup or 9 oz. 179
Oysters, fried, 6 medium, or 3.14 oz. 173
Oysters, steamed, 12 medium, or 3 oz. 117
Perch, baked, 4 oz. 132
Sardines in oil, drained, 3 3/4 oz.--Atlantic 192
Sardines, tomato sauce, 3 3/4 oz. 189
Scallops, frozen, Mrs. Paul's--3 1/2 oz. 230
Scallops, fried, 4 oz. or 7 large scallops 242
Scallops, steamed, 4 oz. 127
Shad, raw, 4 oz. 223
Shark, raw, 4 oz. 148
Shrimp, fried, 4 oz. 275
Shrimp, fried, frozen, Mrs. Paul's--3 oz. 200
Shrimp, steamed, 4 oz. 112
Surimi, 4 oz. 116
Tuna, bluefin, steamed, 4 oz. 209
Tuna, canned in oil, 1 6 1/4 oz. can, drained 331
Tuna, canned in water, 1 6 1/4 oz. can 234


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