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If your goal is weight loss, it's helpful to know how many calories you burn with exercise and daily activities. The more calories you burn, the easier it is to lose weight and every activity counts, although some count more than others. This calculator can give you an estimate of how many calories you burn during different exercises. These are only estimates and there are many factors that contribute to weight loss that some calculators can't account for such as fitness level, body fat percentage, age and gender.

Many activity lists give you one number: you burn 200 many calories after this 30 minutes of activity, for example. This is misleading, because your current weight impacts how many calories you burn.
Our activity calculator lets you plug in your current weight and the exact amount of time you participated in an activity - so you get an accurate number of calories burned.  You can also add together how many calories you burned if you did multiple activities - such as walked to the store then rode your stationary bicycle.
You can also use this calculator to make an activity plan based on how many calories you want to burn this week.
Calculate every fat-burning minute now!


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