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Calories in Roti, Naan, Paratha, Chapati

The calories and nutrition in Indian foods like Roti / Naan / Chapati / Parathas depend on the way the foods are cooked. Indian parathas are very high in calories/energy (high calories from fat) as these are fried in ghee or butter. Tandoori roti is baked in tandoor so these are supposed to be low in calories. But they are often coated with ghee or butter to improve their taste and that makes them high calorie, high fat food.

Calories in Roti, Naan, Paratha and Chapati

Type of Indian BreadCalories per piece
Roti / Chapati / Phulka60
Roti / Chapati / Phulka
With ghee
Missi Roti125
Tandoori Roti102-120
Tandoori roti with ghee147
Roomali roti200
Roomali roti with ghee245
Chawal (Rice flour) Roti105
Jawar roti104
Bajra roti108
Paratha Plain243-290
Aloo Paratha290-360
Gobi Paratha270
Muli Paratha257
Kulcha Naan120
Peshawari Naan322


Aysha Rahman said...

You mean, Pakistani Bread!

Anonymous said...

This calorie is very vague measurement- doesn't tell you how much flour is being used for a piece of phulka and so on. A cup of whole wheat flour is 400+ calories and by that measurement, there is no way a phulka could only be 60 calories.

Sarath Ramakrishna said...

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Anonymous said...

what will be weight in grams of one medium Pakistani chapati??

Anonymous said...

good information

AD said...

I am SO relieved. I looked on my chapati nutrition label and it said that it had 120 kcal??!!?
How is that even possible.

Anonymous said...

@AD: The values mentioned above should actually be kilocalories. So your chapati nutrition label is right.

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kamran said...

Every site has its own calorie count :(

Anonymous said...

Guys its in food calories.
1 Food calorie = 1000 calories = 1KCal
@Kamran I think now you will understand.

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Rajesh Kumar said...

Oh yes I need to try this recipe! Looks delish!
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Rajesh Kumar said...

Oh yes I need to try this recipe! Looks delish!
Chowringhee Kamla Nagar

Rajesh Kumar said...

dish is owesome...
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Dhiraj Kumar said...

So healthy and yummy.
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chowringheelaxminagar said...

Looks yummilious, all I need is some soft pooris to go with this.
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AD! dude kcal means colories... when we are talking about calories, its actually kilo calories .. a normal roti contain 110 to 120 kcal thats totally fine ....

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