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Symptoms of Dental Fluorosis - Preventations & Causes

What is dental fluorosis?
  • Dental fluorosis is a tooth defect that is caused by excessive intake of fluorides in the drinking water. 
  • Although the permanent teeth are affected, occasionally even the primary teeth may be involved.
What are the symptoms?
  • It is easy to recognize dental fluorosis. 
  • Initially there may be a few white flecks or small pits on the enamel of the teeth. 
  • Later there may be brown stains. Dental fluorosis and dental caries seem to go hand in hand.
What is the cause?
  • Dental fluorosis occurs in children who are exposed to a high intake of fluoride before the teeth fully mineralise, that is before 12-14 years of age.
  • In one district of Kerala, nearly 40% of school children were found to have fluorosis. 
  • The disease is more prevalent in rural areas where drinking water is derived from shallow wells or hand pumps. 
  • The disease is more likely to occur in areas where the drinking water has a fluoride content of more than 1ppm (part per million), and in children who have a poor intake of calcium.
How can it be prevented?
  • The only effective public health measure is to limit the fluoride content of drinking water to below 0.5 ppm (parts per million), by using deep bore drinking water supplies. 
  • An adequate daily intake of calcium is also protective.
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