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Calories in Snacks

Long working hours and improper eating can take a toll on your health. You may start the day with a healthy breakfast and follow it up with a balanced lunch, but what about the evening binge? Often we tend to go for wrong snacks that are high on calories, while snacking out or during office tea breaks.

Your daily diet needs to contain about 2000 calories. So, apart from main meals, whatever you munch must not only be less in portion, but also low in calories.

Calories in Snacks
Canned onion rings, 1 2.8 oz. can--Durkee 480
Chee-tos, 1 oz.--25 chips 150
Doritos, 1 oz. 140
Fritos, 1 oz. 150
Popcorn, air-popped, 1 cup 25
Popcorn, microwave, Newman's Own, 8 cups 360
Popcorn, microwave, Golden Valley--1 bag, 8 cups 374
Popcorn, microwave, light, Orville Redenbacher--1 bag 234
Popcorn, with oil & salt, 1 cup 41
Potato chips, Lay's--1 oz. 150
Pretzel sticks, 1 oz. 111
Pretzels, 3-ring, 10 pretzels 117
Pringles corn chips, 1 can, 6 oz. 840
Tortilla chips, 1 oz.--Old El Paso 150

Calories in Indian Snacks
Kachori, 1190
Patti, 1201
Potato Vada, 1118
Potato Bajia, 4240
Chaat, 100gm474
Potato Chips, 20gm108
Walnuts, of halves128
Samosa, 1103
Cutlet, 1126
DahiVada, 183
Onion Bajia, 6197
Bhelpuri, 100gms182
Peanuts (roasted) 1 tbsp86
Pistachio Nuts, 3088
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