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Calories in Pulses(Dal)

Split pulses in India are known as Dal. Dried peas and beans have about the same composition as Pulses. In tropics, pulses are second only to cereals as important sources of calories and proteins. Bengal gram ( chana dal ), red gram ( tuver dal ), green gram ( mung dal ), black gram ( urad dal ) and lentils ( masur dal ) are the most widely consumed pulses in India.

Composition - Pulses supply the same amount of calories as cereals ie 350 kcal per 100 gm dry weight

Protein The protein content of pulses is about 20% to 25% about twice as much as that of cereal's, making them the most economical source of proteins.

Benefits of Sprouted Pulses
  • When 100 grams of whole green pulse is sprouted, the sprouts provide 0.06 mg thiamine, 0.66 mg riboflavin, 1.5 mg niacin and 82 mg ascorbic acid.
  • Other key nutrients provided by the pulse exchange are iron, vitamins of B group and dietary fiber which mainly comes from whole pulses.

Calories In Pulses

Bengal Gram(chana ki dal) (Roasted),100gm369
Bengal Gram(chana ki dal) (Cooked), 100gm105
Black Gram(urd dal), 100gm105
Green Gram(mung) (Cooked), 100gm105
Lentil Gram (Cooked), 100gm105
Red Gram(tur dal) (Cooked), 100gm105
Masoor Dal with Ice, 100gm118
Mixed Pulses with Vegetables, 100gm88
Bean Sprouts Salad, 1 serving85
Moong Sprout Salad, 1 serving53


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