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Calories in Ghee, Paneer and Oils

Ghee's calories come almost entirely from fat. A tbsp. of ghee contains 12.73 g of total fat, with 7.93 g saturated fat, 0.473 g polyunsaturated fat and 3.68 g monounsaturated fat. The same serving of ghee also delivers 32.77 mg cholesterol, 0.205 mg sodium, 0.627 mg potassium and 0.0358 g protein.

Table of Calories Contains in Ghee, Paneer and Oils

Groundnut Oil, 1 tsp126
Ghee, 1 tsp45
Cream, 1 tsp50
Butter, 1 tsp36
Khoya, 100gm421
Khoya (Butter separated), 100gm206
Paneer, 100gm348
Cheese (Cottage), 1 tsp27


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