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Calories in Cheese

The calorie count of these varieties will all be included under the same table. A separate table for low fat cheese is included below.

Cheddar Thin Slice 20g853507
BrieThick Slice 30g12050010
Camembert Small Cube 30g 12050010
Danish Blue Shredded 1/2 cup 240100020
Edam100g 400167034
Feta 250g block1000418084
Gorgonzola30g 903759
Mozzarella 30g1004208.5
Parmesan 30g1004207.5
Provelone 30g903807.5
Cottage Cheese1/2 cup 275114522
Philadelphia 30g1104609

Reduced Fat Cheese

Cheddar Thin Slice 20g702955
Thick Slice 30g1004207
Weight WatchersSmall Cube 30g 1004207
Shredded 1/2 cup 20084014
Feta 100g330138023
Cottage Cheese 250g block 830348058
Riccota 21g slice 90453
PhiladelphiaShredded 30g1004207
Soy Cheese 30g702954.5
Vegetarian 40g (2 tbls)351701

  • Calories in cheese chart is an average count over all brands. It is interesting to note that Weight Watchers cheese is even lower in calories and also lower in fat content than the lite variety of all other brands.
  • Use Weight Watchers cheese if you are on a diet and really want to count those calories.
  • Cheese isn't a bad food as it contains calcium for strong bones, yet is high in dairy fat. It is the overall amount of calories consumed in a day versus the amount of calories burnt that decides if you either lose weight or gain it.
  • Remember the weight loss formula. Burn more calories that you consume and you will lose weight.

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