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Calories in Rice

Rice is an important food world-wide. It contains many vital vitamins and minerals, and is a great energy provider. With only 151 calories per half cup of boiled white rice, it’s a great food for those on a diet. Brown rice is even better with only 140 calories per half cup and larger doses of nutrients. Rice is a fantastic addition to any diet.

There are many different types of rice; the two most widely known rice types are white rice and brown rice. Brown rice is the healthier option and has about three times as many vitamins and minerals than white rice. Rice is low in fat, low in sodium, and contains no cholesterol.

Eating rice is a great way to feel full fast, but beware of rice that’s been fried or has other fatty additives, which can easily up your calorie intake.

Calories In Different Types Of Rice

Rice and Rice DishesCalories per 100g (3.5oz)
White Boiled Rice151
Brown Boiled Rice140
Egg Fried Rice210
Fried Rice184
Chicken Fried Rice220
Steamed Rice162
Spanish Rice193
Caribbean Rice204
Spiced Basmati Rice195
Rice Pudding90
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