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Easy and tasty breakfasts which help to loose weight

BESAN CHEELA: Warm besan cheela on a winter morning is the best weight loss motivation you need.You can add delicious chutneys so that ou don’t get bored with the taste and gave up on my weight loss regime because you cant tired of eating the same kind of things quite easily

OATS: Oats are protein-loaded and low in calories, which make them a perfect post-workout breakfast. You can add veggies, peanuts and sometimes a scoop of cooked lentil to remove the boring taste of oats which can sometimes get to our tongue.

POHA: Poha is my favourite breakfast. This not only satiated my post-yoga hunger but also did not compromise on my taste buds.

IDLI SAMBHAR: No changes here because idli sambhar is a healthy and delicious option to have for breakfast or brunch.

MASALA OMELETTE: When on weight loss journey, proteins are a must and masala omelettes are the perfect way to fulfill that. I included colourful veggies in my omelettes and had one multigrain toast besides that if I was really hungry. Omelettes are my preferred choice of breakfast for most days. They are easy to make, yummy to eat and great for weight loss too!


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