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Health Benefits of Banana - Why should eat this fruit

Bananas are one of the most famous common fruits amongst people of every age. Enjoyed in its various forms, bananas are eaten raw, accompanied with desserts, added in smoothies and consumed in many more ways too.

Health benefits of eating banana
  • Blood Pressure Regulation - Banana is a fruit that contains high amount of potassium and low levels of salt. This combination helps to regulate the blood pressure. It reduces the risk of heart related diseases.
  • Bone Strength - The potassium content in bananas is good for the health of your bones. Eating bananas on a regular basis can prevent your bones from deteriorating. Consuming bananas can also neutralize the amount of sodium in your body, which ultimately saves calcium to get washed out from your body.
  • Source of energy - Bananas are loaded with a lot of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C and Vitamin B-6. Considering this fact, it is evident that eating the fruit can provide you with great energy. Pack yourself a couple of bananas to eat in the afternoon after your lunch has been digested and your stomach asks for some food.
  • Bowel Health - If you are suffering from constipation, banana is the fruit you need to pick. The fruit contains dietary fiber that aids the maintenance of the bowel system of your body.
  • Stress Reduction - When you are in stress, the metabolic rate of your body shoots up and potassium levels consequently decrease. Eating a banana can thereby flush your body with potassium, which will automatically ease you and regularize your heartbeat.
  • Iron rich fruit - People suffering from iron deficiency can resort to eating bananas. This fruit, which is rich in iron, can supply your body with the amount of iron it needs. This can also benefit you when you are suffering from an injury and require the blood to clot faster with the help of haemoglobin.
  • The potassium in bananas also does wonders by making you more mentally alert. Research shows that this yellow fruit aids concentration and hence is a marvelous fuel for the brain.
It is unimaginable how one tiny yellow colored fruit can give your body numerous health benefits. Include bananas in your breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner and enjoy the phenomenal benefits it imparts your body with.


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